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Last updated: 25 May 2018

Bagaglino ® is an Italmondo srl brand
Registered office 00192 Rome via Cola di Rienzo 285 - VAT number and Fiscal Code 08834200969 - REA code RM1511662 mail

This privacy statement ("Information") applies to Italmondo srl, its associates and all hotels and resorts within the portfolio of Bagaglino brands of Italmondo (collectively, "Bagaglino" or "we").
This statement considers the Privacy Guide updated by the Privacy Guarantor according to European regulations, may differ from local laws, therefore we ask the Explicit consent from the user and in case of request for explicit consent, such information will be regulated as per the following information.
By using any of our products or services and / or by accepting this Statement, you consent to the collection and use of Personal Information as described below.
Please be noted that this Statement does not apply to the processing of personal information on behalf of and subject to third party instructions, such as airlines, car rental companies and other service providers, companies that organize or offer travel packages, business partners or corporate customers, who adopt their own rules in compliance with the Privacy.


During contacts or interactions with Guests aimed at the satisfaction of the person's requests, hospitality, secretariat or administration, we collect personal information that may include: contacts, booking, stay or excursion, guided tour; participation in a loyalty or registration program (including co-branding programs); participation in competitions or marketing programs (even if the Guest does not stay in one of our hotels); purchase and receipt of products or services; personal characteristics, nationality, income, passport number and date and place of issue; travel history; payment information, such as payment card number and other card information, as well as authentication information and other billing and account details related to electronic invoicing;
Guest preferences; preferences regarding marketing and communication; information on vehicles that Guests could introduce into our properties; comments and opinions about our brands or properties; affiliation with frequent flyer programs or partners in the transport sector and registration number; pre-booked hotel, flight and rental packages; groups to which Guests are associated for hotel stays; and other types of information that we will choose to provide or obtain.
We may need to request the details of the escorts, age of car driver for hire. We may also collect information about conversations, including recording or monitoring calls to Customer Service and other communications, such as in-app messages and text messages.
In addition, in some circumstances, we also collect other personal information, for example:
Surveys: We request demographic data or other personal information in Guest surveys.
Collection at the facilities: we collect personal information during the registration / check-in at the Hotels, including those required by local laws. At our hotels and in the common areas of the properties, we can use CCTV cameras and other security measures that allow you to view / record images, location of guests and visitors in the common areas, also through other IT tools such as keycard, in order to protect Guests, visitors and staff as permitted by law. Other personal information can be requests during registration at the service / activity points: Reception, Consierge, wellness centers and spa, sports activities and excursion centers, bike rental point, nautical center, animation reception point and mini club, restaurants, swimming pool, sports fields, beach, bar, baby-sitter service, equipment rental and anything else useful to achieve the satisfaction and safety of the structure, of the staff, especially of the Guest Parties and events: All information relating to the event that is organized in our facilities are recorded as better described in "data collection at the facilities" as required by law.
Social media: by choosing to subscribe to offers or pages, profiles and activities in our social media, we may collect some information from the profile as set up within the social media service.


We may receive personal information from third parties, airlines and credit card companies and other partners, from social media services respecting personal settings on such services; and from other third-party sources legally authorized to share data with us. We use and share this information (and we may add this information to other information about the Guest we already have in the archive) for the purposes set out in this Notice.


We use your personal information to provide and customize the services that Guests require and to ensure the level of quality purchased or budgeted, to provide pre-sale information, to manage access to our websites and social services, to facilitate all services Guest satisfaction, to manage the entertainment program, sports and relaxation programs, the stay the restaurant, to inform through direct marketing and to promote sales, to communicate news on the planning of meetings and events,to provide or propose newsletters, promotions and special offers in accordance with the management of the preference on communication that people have expressed. We can also use the information collected to provide services during the stay at the properties: messages, notices related to payments, booking confirmations, letters of goodbye, guest rating cards, birthday letter with promotion, coupons with discounts on the next holiday in the circuit, marketing messages, surveys, contests, prize draws and other promotional or service communications. The Communications will use the official channels of the structure, clearly recognizable by brand or other elements of the brand, such as written statements: e-mail, postal mail, online advertising, social media, telephone, text messages (including SMS and MMS), push notifications, messages in the app and other media including communications at the facilities, such as the television in Room, warnings in display, totem at the reception or billboards in the room and in the common places.
With the consent of the Guest / User of the communication channels where this information applies by Law, we use content generated by the User (photographs, video, post) through social media services, sent via email or via messaging channels, to provide advertising on the screen or on our websites and our applications.


The evaluation of the Guest / User is important for the constant updating of the quality of the stay at our facilities. We may use the personal information of the Guest / User to improve our communication channels, to maintain interest in our facilities, to eliminate disservices, to maintain the relationship of trust with the Guest who has already stayed. During the stay, the Wi-Fi connection could allow the Guest to use with their own devices, the electronic equipment available in the room or in the common areas. We can also meet of the Guest’s need of documentation of the stay for tax purposes by sending the receipt or invoice via email; it is the responsibility of the Guest user to provide truthful data, such as address, tax code and email.


Personal information may also be integrated with data from third-party sources for the aforementioned purposes of statistical updating and analysis, sales and administrative reports, legal communications. The information of third parties listed in the previous specifications are used to obtain a service aimed at satisfying the requests and expectations of the Guest.


We may share personal information with other facilities in the Bagaglino group, with our service providers and other third parties, with hotel owners and managers, owners of managed but not owned hotels, and split or timeshare resorts , which could individually or jointly use personal information to provide services and activities described above.
Business partners: to carry out our business we collaborate with commercial partners, who provide services and supplies of goods and technologies. We have activated at our facilities agreements with other activities in the area, or other services such as car rental or nautical equipment or services of guided tours, agreements with farms, to provide the required services, it may be necessary to provide personal information that will also be used to guarantee the provision of the service, the use of the asset, the functional service communication and the advertising of news or future plans.
Service providers: we rely on third parties who provide services and products on our behalf and with a contract that regulates the supply methods in legal terms, we could share with you their personal information with the purposes described above; in contractual agreements, suppliers undertake to protect shared personal information (server registrations, data useful for the service, etc.).
Anti-fraud providers who manage web and email data or management program servers must use data, but not share it, to detect fraud.


The term "confidential information" means your information concerning race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other creeds, union membership, health, life or sexual orientation, genetic information, criminal records and biometric data used for the purpose of unique identification. We do not collect confidential information, unless it is provided voluntarily by the Guest / User to meet particular needs such as information necessary for disabilities or special dietary needs and attention to be observed during the stay for example with children.


We do not collect personal information from Users under the age of 18 in our communication channels. The communication and commercial relationship takes place between adults, information on minors must be sent only with the consent of the parents or their guardians. During the booking or the stay, it is necessary to indicate personal data of the minors to prepare the hospitality service, formulate the estimate. On holiday at our facilities, the parent is required to communicate their data by name, surname, mobile phone, room / apartment number and minor name, to reception points dedicated to sports and entertainment services (Mini and Junior Club, School sci etc), these indications are used exclusively for the purpose of availability; the data will not be stored in archives. Each structure is equipped with insurance as per regulations. At the reception, a special form will contain the form to be filled in the case of photographic or television shots at events or events, where explicit consent will be required for these activities, aimed at promoting and representing our structures on the various communication channels.


Bagaglino collaborates with Internet providers to offer Wi-Fi access to guests. Use of the Internet service at our hotels and resorts is subject to the terms of use and privacy rules of the third Internet provider. You can access these terms and policies by using the links on the service login page or by visiting the Provider's website.


Bagaglino collaborates with Internet providers to offer Wi-Fi access to guests. Use of the Internet service at our hotels and resorts is subject to the terms of use and privacy rules of the third Internet provider. You can access these terms and policies by using the links on the service login page or by visiting the Provider's website.


Bagaglino has taken steps to protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction and is committed to keeping it up-to-date. We explicitly invite affiliates and service providers with whom we share personal information to commit to keeping such information secure. For online transactions, we use security technology to protect personal information transmitted through the booking site. Our web technology partners frequently update algorithms and antiviruses for the purpose of security, but in the web, it is always possible to violate virtual servers: it is our policy to transfer the acquired data on servers in the local network.
Located directly at the facilities, for the time necessary to perform the services, and for the time indicated by the administrative department for the uses of the law. We recommend for the privacy and security the sending of any information regarding payment cards and personal information via e-mail.


Bagaglino has commercial activities in different locations, incoming tourist report with guests and international partners; to guarantee the quality of the service, the Guest / User is aware that the sharing of some personal data will be necessary, the European Privacy law will regulate this activity, but particular attention will be paid to the observance of particular local regulations.


The Guest / User may request the updating, the cessation of sharing, of personal data using the email address of each structure. For greater security, we will reply through the email used during the booking.

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